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Our Factory

Our History

As the first batch of entrepreneurs in China's plastic honeycomb industry, Qingdao Achieving has gone through nearly 20 years (2003 - now). During the decades, our company has studied various honeycomb-related technologies, which try our best to bring our client high cost-effective products and comfortable services. Over the years, Qingdao Achieving has served a large number of customers both in China and overseas (Mainly Europe 、South Asia、USA), and the high praise and repeated repurchase from customers have also deeply increased our confidence in this industry. Four PP and PC production lines ensure the speed of our supply (40 feet container size cargo can be shipped in a week). Now the recycled materials and second-hand materials fill the market, our company still firmly chooses to use the raw materials of first-hand chemical factories, Ensuring environmental protection and safety in the process from raw materials to final products.

Except for the Polypropylene and Polycarbonate plastic honeycomb panels, Qingdao Achieving has further explored the characteristics of honeycomb panels and began to provide a series of plastic honeycomb composite panel products, which brings new types of panel with lightweight, high strength, waterproof, sound insulation and environmental protection. Including a series of popular materials such as fiberglass board, acrylic board, slate, and wood. 

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Why Choose Us

  • Quality and Reliability

  • From Honeycomb to Laminated panel

  • Customize choice just for you

Our Advantages

We are rich in resources

Over our 20-year history on both mechanical and plastic production, besides bunch of skills and experience we’ve gathered, our clients include professional composite material and structural products manufactures as well as research institutions.

We will come up with a full range of solutions for you

Short leading time

As we have reserve of productive capacity and can copy production lines by ourselves when necessary, we have a high efficiency.

Lower Price & Customization

As we have a high ratio of mechanical production instead of labor workers. Price is only related to the raw material.

Good Location for R&D and Export

The city of Qingdao where we are located is a famous port in China - the biggest container loading port in North China and a busy industrial city. Qingdao also has many world-famous corporations like Hisense, Haier, Tsingdao Beer and etc.

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