Bevelled edge strips of PP honeycomb board sheets

plastic pp honeycomb board strips with 45 degree bevelled edges is usded 

for arc surface, such as yacht arrow end pool wall etc. 

Machine cut and bevelling give accurate 45 degee shape and straight long edges, 

and shorter leading time.

plastic honeycomb strips for air flow laminer of refrigerator, PP honeycomb bevelled strips for round shape surface covering, in yacht or pool building etc.

Machine cut and bevelling give accurate 45 degee shape and straight long edges, and shorter leading time,  

Strips size and bevelling degree are customazied to clients order, 

PC honeycomb laminar, cell szie have 3.5mm/6mm 

Common color is original transparent

PP honeycomb strips ,of 45 degree

cell size is 6mm/8mm to order

110 wide, thickness is 6/8/10/12mm

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